Tapas Nights

As well as Turkish and Curry Nights, we also combine Tapas Nights with Fundraising!  Pereira's at 1 Keymer Parade, Burgess Hill, offer a 12 course Tapas menu with plenty to satisfy everyone. 

We had a Tapas Night was on 27th August 2015, to raise funds for the 1st Burgess Hill Scouts and we had one on 17th March 2016, in aid of Sapphire Stroke Club. 

The Tapas Night on 14th July 2016 was in aid of Respect Youth Club and that on 8th September 2016 in aid of the Bereavement Group.

Our next one was at Pereira's on 10th November 2016 in aid of the Prostate Cancer Support Group of Haywards Heath and District.

We then held another Tapas Night at Plaza Uno, 76 Church Walk, Burgess Hill on 23rd February 2017, again in aid of the Prostate Cancer Support Group of Haywards Heath and District and then another one in aid of the Sapphire Stroke Club at St Johnís Church.

We held a Tapas Night was in aid of the Summerhaven Mental Health Team on 16th November 2017, followed by one  on 26th April 2018 in aid of Burgess Hill & District Bereavement Group. 

We had one on 25th October at Plaza Uno, 76 Church Walk, Burgess Hill, in aid of Burgess Hill Marching Youth and our then one be there on 28th March 2019, in aid of Burgess Hill Community Radio. 

Our last one was on 6th June 2019, again at Plaza Uno, in aid of the Sapphire Stroke Club and our next one will be on 19th September in aid of the Bereavement Group. Please see poster here.