Christmas Collections

Every Christmas we collect at various locations in the Hassocks and Burgess Hill areas.  These are the Teddy Bear Band and the Christmas Barrel Organ which we use to assist us.

 Christmas Teddy Bears   Santa and his Barrel Organ and Collectors

The schedule for 2019 was as follows. 

Date Type of Event Location
27/11/19 Static:  17.30 - 20.00 South Downs Nursery, Hassocks, Late Night Shopping (Barrel Organ)
29/11/19 Static:  15.30 - 20.00 Light-up Hassocks Late Night Shopping (Santa's Grotto and Tombola)
01/12/19 Static:  10.00 - 16.00 Market Place, Burgess Hill, near Boots (Barrel Organ)
21/12/19 Static:  10.00 - 16.00 South Downs Nursery, Hassocks (Barrel Organ)

In addition, the Teddy Bear Band appeared in the Lions Book Den for the two weeks before Christmas. 


Burgess Hill Lions Club acknowledges the support of the PRS in being able to play music at these events.

Performing Rights Society for Music LogoPRS for Music licences the use of copyright music across the UK, giving businesses and organisations the legal permission they need to play the music they want.
These licences ensure that music publishers, songwriters and composers are fairly rewarded with royalties so they can keep making music - and mean that we're able to support music at events like this.
For more information about PRS for Music or music licensing, visit or call 0800 068 4828